Wanborough Cemetery

Wanborough Cemetery (Medium)

Directions to here:

To reach Wanboro Cemetery, proceed west on Main Street (Illinois Route 15). Follow it to County Road 400E (It is the first road to the south of the 55 mph sign). Turn onto it, then immediately turn right onto County Road 880N. Follow the road approximately 1 ½ miles; the road will bend slightly to the left and the cemetery, which is enclosed by a fence, is located to the right, about 500 feet off the road. It is accessible by an old entry road.Entry-9


The Wanborough Cemetery was begun in 1819, soon after the founding of The English Settlement. In it are buried many of the pioneer settlers of The English Settlement. Today, the cemetery is all that remains of what was once the Village of Wanborough. The Wanborough Church was located northeast of the Wanborough Cemetery, where it stood until 1926 when it was sold to an individual and torn down.

The former Village of Wanborough was established in August 1818 by English settler and entrepreneur Morris Birkbeck. A center of commerce for his fellow countrymen emigrating to the English Settlement in Edwards County, Wanborough once included two taverns, a grist mill, two stores, a pottery, a blacksmith, and one of the state’s first breweries.

The town, however, lasted for only a short time and was all but abandoned by 1840. Competition from the nearby town of Albion and Birkbeck’s accidental drowning in 1825 contributed to the community’s demise.

An historical marker commemorating the Village of Wanborough was erected at the cemetery in September 2007 by the Illinois Foundation for Frontier Studies and the Illinois State Historical Society.