Walking Tour of Historic Places in Albion, Illinois

The walking tour was designed by the Edwards County Historical Society, in conjunction with the Albion Chamber of Commerce.  The purpose of the tour is to showcase the history of Albion, and to educate both residents and visitors.

In order to get the most of the tour, you will need a hand held cellular or internet enabled device.   When you arrive at a location, there are two ways you can learn the history of the location.

    1. 1. There is a sign posted at each location with a phone number. You can call the phone number and enter the access code for the location where you are.  You can then hear a person tell you about the location.


  1. 2. You can visit the webpage associated with the location where you are, and read the information yourself.  (Links to the places are located below).

All of the places on the walking tour are listed on this website.  In addition, you will find a map with all the places identified, and directions on how to walk the entire tour.

We hope that you enjoy your tour of historic Albion, Illinois.

Interactive Map


Albion Pagoda


50 East Main Street, Albion, IL 62806

Edwards County Courthouse


50 East Main Street, Albion, IL 62806

Edwards County Jail

Old Edwards County Jail (Medium)

50 East Main Street, Albion, IL 62806

Albion Public Library

Albion Public Library (Medium)

6 North 4th Street, Albion, IL 62806

St. John Episcopal Church


20 East Cherry Street, Albion, IL 62806

The English Settlement

Washington-Painter House (Medium)

223 South 5th Street, Albion, IL 62806

Old Albion Cemetery

Old Albion Cemetery (Medium)

300 North 5th Street, Albion, 62806

Historical Museum

Edwards County Historical Museum (Medium)

212 West Main Street, Albion, IL 62806

Wanborough Cemetery

Wanborough Cemetery (Medium)