Our Mission

The mission of the Albion Chamber of Commerce is: To serve the Edwards County Community by promoting and supporting new and existing business development in order to strengthen our local economy and improve the quality of life of in Edwards County so that its citizens, and all areas of its business community, shall prosper always bearing in mind that, “As the community thrives so does its businesses.”

Albion Ward Boundaries

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Alderman Ward 1Terry Harper618.445.3433
Alderman Ward 1Arrol Stewart618.445.2718
Alderman Ward 2Scott Meserole618.445.6020
Alderman Ward 2Gary Mason618.445.3806
Alderman Ward 3Dana Mosson618.445.4042
Alderman Ward 3Don Rigg618.445.3546

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Tourism Bureau of Illinois


The Albion Chamber of Commerce is a proud member of The Tourism Bureau Illinois South.